About us

The removal firm “BORKOWSKI UMZÜGE” was founded in 1897 and is now one of the most efficient removal specialists. Due to this specialisation, we only use furniture vans that are firmly padded on the inside. Borkowski Umzüge stands for quality – this naturally means that we only use excellent packaging materials and clean furniture packing blankets, and that we ensure careful handling of the goods being moved. Whether a chest of drawers needs to be sent to Dresden or your entire household goods is moving overseas, every order is completed with the utmost of care. The size of the removal is irrelevant.

Company principles – so that everything arrives safely!


Precise scheduling, high personnel reserves and the size of our vehicle pool play an important role in ensuring that deadlines are met. This also allows us to accommodate delays and schedule changes at short notice for our customers.


BORKOWSKI UMZÜGE only employs permanent staff which includes professional drivers, carpenters and furniture packers. Our employees receive regular training in the latest transport and packaging methods to guarantee safe and careful handling of your property. We also have mutual support in the HandwerkTeam.


Every removal is insured. The amount of insurance cover is based on the volume or specific information you provide.  By the way, insurance terms and conditions are uniform throughout Germany.

Environmental protection

All our lorries are equipped with catalytic converters thereby qualifying them to bear the green plate for driving in enviromental zones and they also comply with statutory noise protection guidelines. The packaging material is primarily made of recycled materials; they are often used several times before being placed in the waste paper collection system. On long distance routes, smaller transports are bundled to combined transports (“Convenience Trucks”), which ultimately leads to energy savings. We will be happy to receive any environment tips from our customers too.


When a packer has been ordered to prepare the removal, he performs most of the work listed under tips and tricks. If no packer has been ordered, we ask you to carry out the work yourself by attention to the tips and tricks! Always remember: If you carry out the preparatory work yourself, the liability scope may be restricted.

If you have any questions, please just call our office. The direct telephone number and e-mail address of your removal consultant are stated under contact.

Whilst your removal might be a reason for you to celebrate, it is merely business as usual for our employees and normal working time. Therefore, please only offer non-alcoholic refreshments.

It is normal in our industry to offer the workers monetary tips or refreshments, but this is purely voluntary and should be based on performance. It also depends on the amount of goods moved.

If you are unsure, please just call our office on +49 (0) 30. 120 88 100 or send an e-mail info@borkowski-umzuege.de

You can also contact us if you need any tradesmen during your removal, e.g. carpenters, electricians and sanitary professionals!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your team at Borkowski Umzüge