Bundesverband Möbelspedition (AMÖ) e.V. (Federal Association of Furniture Transporters)

Our company is a member of the Federal Association of Furniture Transporters (AMÖ). We get the latest information about removals from this source. This also applies to private, state and business removals as well as the latest transport and storage techniques.

This is guaranteed by an annual certification by the Federal Association of Furniture Transporters (AMÖ). The latest certificate is linked below.

As the umbrella organisation, the Federal Association of Furniture Transporters (AMÖ) acts on behalf of the German furniture transportation industry jointly with 18 regional member associations representing the interests of around 1,000 furniture transportation companies. Organisation and cooperation have a 130 year old tradition in the furniture transportation industry. Each of the AMÖ transportation companies is a direct member of the responsible regional association. In addition to the regional member associations in the federal states, the Group of International Furniture Transporters (GIM) is also a member of the AMÖ.

Find out more about the association or view the certificate by clicking the relevant logo!


We are a member of the HandwerkTeamBerlin e.V.

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